In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD is the drama. Any well written play for the stage and screenplay for television or motion picture must begin with the WORD.  Dramatic action as the root of character has a long and tortuous history. Writing drama, or more specifically, writing dramatic action, has been truly a problem for the ages.

TI Writers Laboratory has developed new works expressing the depth and diversity of many cultures.  Plays to come out of TIWL include: “A Winter Reunion” First Prize Off Broadway Short Play Festival, anthologized by Samuel French, Inc. “Gift of Parting”, (National Finalist in the same Festival. Dr. Henry D. Miller writes both plays.  Other plays developed include: “Eden Street,” a multi-cultural musical by Susan Horowitz, Ph.D. (book & lyrics) and Mr. Judd Woldin (composer). The play was awarded the Harburg and Puffin Foundation Grants. Mr. Woldin’s other awards include the Tony and Grammy Awards for “Raisin” and NJ Council on the Arts for “The King of Schnorrers”. “The Dreams of Dr. King” written by Billy Graham. “Mr. B Changed the Key”, a musical by Alton Reason.  “Civil Right”, “A Soulful Xmas Carol”, and “Cindy” written by Rey Allen. All the forementioned plays received a twelve or more performance run.