Our Mission & Vision

Building bridges of hope for a global community through Arts & Culture as we elevate our conscious endeavors, while embracing diversity in culture as the key to world unity.

Theatre International, Inc.

Our Goals

World Unity

Creating hope through the arts, so that we can live in unity throughout the world one day.

Art has the power to change the world.
Art helps us identify with each other regardless of race, color,
religion or creed.
Through global arts, we can serve as an accelerator for dynamic change.
As an NGO to the United Nations, Theatre International, Inc. and our partner, Southern Diaspora Research & Development Center, work closely with UNESCO to use the arts as a
cultural anchor of expressions that reflects the “Intangible Cultural Heritage” of the human race.

Improve Education

After-school programs and workshops combining arts in education to support student advancement and well-being.

Arts-in-Education instill a sense of competency and usefulness in our youth.
We provide programs designed to train and develop the youth creative mind in one or more areas of the arts. 
The arts provide broader avenues to complement academic works, while promoting and instilling confidence as students learn.

Embrace Diversity

New ways to experience life by meeting people with different backgrounds, views, cultures, and lifestyles.

Cultural Diversity is synonymous with multiculturalism.
Viewing cultures, races, and ethnicities particularly those of minority groups,
deserve special acknowledgement of their differences within a dominant political culture.  

Become a Volunteer and join us!

Become a volunteer and join us in our efforts to change our world for good!

Theatre International, Inc. is looking for volunteers, aged fourteen to ninety-nine years of age.

We welcome fine and graphic artists, media and performing artists. 
We also welcome office assistants and community outreach volunteers.